MacBook (MacOS) Q&A

Course Description

Answering your questions about MacBooks and the MacOS

Bring your Apple MacBook, Air, or Pro to class to learn more about the Mac Operating System (MacOS) on your personal Apple computer: Learn the answers to common computer questions users encounter while using Apple Macintosh computers. Each class will cover a brief topic that most users encounter while using their personal computers at work or home. During each class period there will be scheduled time to cover questions raised by students. Questions may cover any topic related to the use, maintenance, or use of the software that comes standard with an Apple computer. Prerequisite: MacBook 101 or equivalent experience. 

Sessions: 6 two-hour weekly class periods for a total of 12 hours

Course Requirements

Text: No text book required

Prerequisites: Bring your personal MacBook to class to follow along with the instructor. Basic understanding of Mac computers


A Quick Topic to Start Each Class:

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Techradar article on anti-malware/virus software (3/2022):