About Tom

“I take great pleasure in watching my students gain experience and, more significantly, build their confidence with each lesson.”

Tom Kaczmarek is a seasoned professional with over 30 years of experience in photography, graphic arts, adult education, and technical training. After completing 4 years of service in the Marine Corps, Tom pursued his passion for photography and graphic arts by enrolling in a course of study in these fields at the SouthEast Center for Photo/Graphic Studies.

In 1991, Tom joined his family's commercial photography business, which primarily focused on fine art reproduction but also catered to commercial clients with various photography needs such as product, aerial, and food photography. This was an ideal opportunity for Tom to hone his skills and learn the ropes of photography while also transitioning into the digital era.

With a keen interest in computers and technology, Tom invested in state-of-the-art image capture systems and editing workstations, allowing him to provide his clients with the highest quality, press-ready digital photographic files and proofs available at the time. Along the way, Tom found that many people sought his guidance and advice on computer and graphics-related issues, which piqued his interest in teaching.

Since 2002, Tom has been teaching beginner's and advanced courses in various Adobe software applications, color management, photography, and video editing. His current focus is on teaching Apple and Windows classes for beginning and intermediate students, from desktop computers to iPhones and iPads. Tom is committed to creating new courses tailored to his students' needs while helping them develop the skills and confidence to work with technology.