About Tom

“I love… watching students gain experience and more importantly, confidence with each lesson.”

Tom Kaczmarek has over 20 years experience in photography and the graphic arts industries, along with over 15 years in adult education and technical training. After college and service in the Marine Corps, Tom went back to school to study photography and graphic arts.

Tom entered his family’s commercial photography business in 1991. Focused primarily on fine art reproduction, the business still had many commercial clients requiring product, aerial, food, and other photography services. It was a perfect opportunity to learn many aspects of photography and a perfect time to begin the transition to digital photography. And a perfect time to combine his love of art and technology!

In 1995, Tom invested in a state of the art image capture and editing workstation. With guidance from pre-press and printing companies, Tom began the process of learning digital graphics, computer support, and even some repair to provide his clients with the highest quality, press-ready digital photographic files and proofs available from any "photographer" at the time.

With an avid fascination for computers and technology Tom immersed himself in the study of the technologies, hardware, software, and applications of this new digital era. Along the way, he found others often came to him for solutions and advice on many things computer and graphics related. “I guess that’s when I learned that I really did enjoy teaching” Tom says.

Soon after moving to Western North Carolina, Tom began teaching a beginner's Photoshop class in 2002 and has not looked back. He now has many courses he enjoys teaching including several in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Color Management, Photography, and even video editing.

More recently, Tom has begun teaching Mac and Windows computing classes for beginning and intermediate students. Tom has said, “I love helping others find joy in working with computers for the first time. Watching students gain experience and more importantly, confidence with each lesson.” Adding to these new experiences are more students discovering portable computing devices like the iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Tom’s classes covering iOS devices have met with enthusiastic response and great success over the past few years.