Servicing Computers and Supporting People

Where most companies consider the installation or setup of new equipment or software the end of the sale we have all learned there is much more to actually using your new software or hardware. Not being involved with selling you a particular product frees me to sit down with you to teach you to use it in your day to day life. How your new product can improve your life, make you more productive, and increase your enjoyment.

Whether you bought a new computer, upgraded to a smartphone or tablet, or simply invested in a widescreen entertainment system, installing it and figuring it out can be a chore. Let me take the anxiety out and put the enjoyment back.

The services I provide fall into two main categories, Support and Service. Below you'll find some of the many ways I can help you use today's technology in your life. Please contact me to set up a time for us to meet and I can help you take the anxiety out of using your new computer, tablet, phone, or other new tech products.


  • Professional Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android maintenance
  • Installation and set-up of new computer equipment
  • Installation and set-up of software, printers, home networks, and wireless accessories
  • Home entertainment equipment installation and training
  • Smart Home device installation and training


  • Individual training on new or updated equipment or software
  • On-site training in your home or office
  • Hands-on Corporate Training Sessions for individuals and groups
  • Hands-on community training for independent and assisted living retirement communities
  • Continuing Education or Curriculum Classes for Colleges or other adult education facilities
  • Professional Development Training Sessions