Favorite Links

Some of my most frequently used links and resources:

DropBox: Cloud storage service with lots of free storage space and great features. 

KelbyOne (formerly National Association of Photoshop Professionals): A great resource for Photoshop news, tips, and solutions. Creators of Photoshop User and Layers magazines.

Dr. Russell Preston Brown: Fun, entertining, and highly educational. A must-see!!!

Adobe TV: Total Adobe! Everything you will need to get to know and master all the Adobe products. And it's free!

Digital Grin Photography Forum: A nice forum with some great contributors and threads relating to photography, Adobe Photoshop and Color Management.

Binary FX: Photoshop Tech Vault: A great site aimed focused on image editing for prepress and print production.

Xrite Color IQ Test: How well do you see color?

Digital Photography Review: Great review site for digital cameras and a great forum section as well.

EtreCheck: EtreCheck is an app to display the important details of your Mac's system configuration and hardware.

CCleaner: Cleaner is a tool for cleaning your PC. Protects privacy and makes your computer faster.

Matthew Cole Website: F/stop, Shutter Speed, and Exposure explained.

Some Other Links:

Olight: Being a bit of a nerd I like useful everyday items, like flashlights. Olight are some economical and quality items you may also enjoy.