iPhone/iPad Photography

Course Description

iPhone/iPad Photography

Taking, editing and storing your photos from your iPhone or iPad is easy; once you know the basics. Learn to take better photographs, enhance them in the Apple® Photos app, and store them in iCloud for use across all your mobile devices and Mac or PC computers. Whether you’re a seasoned photography pro or a new iPhone or iPad user you’ll find this class an enlightening and fun way to get up and running to create perfect pictures.

Sessions: 8 two-hour weekly class periods for a total of 16 hours

Course Requirements

Text: There is no text required for this course

Prerequisites: Either iPhone 101 or iPad 101, and iPhone/iPad 201, or equivalent experience


  1. Intro to the Camera App and Taking Photos

  2. Focus, Exposure, and Composition Basics

  3. Intro to the Photos App

  4. Editing Photos

  5. Intro to iCloud Photo Library

  6. Sharing Photos with others

Course Files

ISO Camera Shutter Settings.pdf
Light Fall Off.pdf
Exposure and Camera Modes.pdf
Focal Length and Lens Selection.pdf
  • Note 6/25/21 — I've added a couple new links in the Useful Photography Links below with additional information covering Portrait Mode and Portrait Lighting effects in the Links section below.