iPhone/iPad 201

Course Description

iPhone/iPad 201 — Beyond the Basics

Take your understanding of the Apple iPhone and iPad to the next level. After taking either the iPhone 101 or iPad 101 course you have gained some experience with your new Apple device and now it is time to explore more of the installed apps. Learn to use the organizational features like Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Notes and Reminders to keep you on task and up to date in your busy life. Manage your photos in the Photos App. Discover how to listen to music or a podcast, watch a movie or read a good book right from your iPhone or iPad. Finally learn how to synchronize all your Apple devices together by using Apple iCloud.

Sessions: 8 two-hour weekly class periods for a total of 16 hours

Course Requirements

Text: No additional text required we will use the Apple User Guide

Prerequisites: Either iPhone 101 or iPad 101, or equivalent experience


  • iCloud — managing and syncing your apps across other Apple devices

  • Mail — managing multiple email accounts

  • Contacts App

  • Calendar App

  • Siri

  • Notes & Reminders Apps

  • Copy/Cut/Paste Commands

  • Photos App

  • Music, Books, Podcasts Apps

Course Files

Connect to WiFi.pdf
Siri commands.pdf
Intro to Safari.pdf