iPhone 101

Course Description

iPhone 101 — Getting Started with iPhone

The first class you should take to get to know and use your new Apple iPhone. Getting started with your brand new iPhone can be a challenge so we'll take learning slowly and patiently. In this course you will learn the basics to get you up and running with your iPhone including such topics as placing and receiving phone calls and text messages, taking pictures, understanding your AppleID (iCloud), and installing apps on your iPhone.

Sessions: 4 two-hour weekly class periods for a total of 8 hours

Course Requirements

Text: No additional textbook required we will use the free online Apple User Guide

Prerequisites: No prior courses or experience necessary


The following topics will be covered in this course.

  • Turning on and unlocking your iPhone (Lock Screen, passcode vs. password)

  • Physical Buttons\Features\Accessories

  • On-screen Features (Home screens, Control and Notifications Panels)

  • Web browsing using Safari

  • iPhone Online Manual

  • Placing/Receiving Phone Calls

  • Sending and Receiving Emails

  • Sending & Receiving Text Messages

  • Taking photographs

  • AppleID Basics (creating/managing your AppleID)

  • iCloud Basics (syncing and backing up your data)

  • Apple App Store Basics

Course Files

Connect to WiFi.pdf
Intro to Safari.pdf
Siri commands.pdf