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Course Objectives:

In-depth exploration of the five applications (iWork:Pages, Keynote, Numbers; iTunes, and iPhoto) understanding and using basic commands, menus, creating, saving, printing documents, projector presentations, burning auditory, data, and visual cd’s, digital photo projects including slideshows, calendars, and basic photo editing. The course will also include preparation of financial documents such as budgeting, basic accounting, and other record keeping activities.


Methods of Instruction:

Course is instructor led with traditional classroom lecture and demonstration.


Course Content (by session or by subject):

iWork; Pages; Keynote; Numbers; iTunes; iPhoto.

 Session Date Description
111/5Review, iTunes Tutorial (iTunes Online Tutorial)
11/12*iTunes Tutorial continued
11/19*Numbers Tutorial (Numbers tutorial)
Keynote Tutorial (Keynote tutorial)
511/26*iPhoto Tutorial (iPhoto Tutorials)
612/3*iPhoto Tutorial Continued
712/10Pages Tutorial
812/17Pages Tutorial continued (Pages tutorial)
* Classes run from 5:15 PM – 7:45 PM

Evaluation Procedures:

Evaluation will be based on class participation and involvement in class discussions.