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Course Objectives:

A focus on the fundamentals of the Mac computer, including finding your way around the computer screen (desktop), setting up preferences, using a mouse, email (Apple ‘s Mail) and internet application (Apple’s Safari). Based upon student’s level of interest and need, possibly progressing into word processing (Apple’s iWork: PAGES), iPhoto and iTunes applications as well.


Methods of Instruction:

Course is instructor led with traditional classroom lecture and demonstration.


Course Content (by session or by subject):

Fundamentals of the Mac computer; navigating the computer screen; setting up preferences; using a mouse; Apple’s email; Apple’s Safari (internet application).  Fundamental exploration of iWork, iPhoto, and iTunes if time allows.

 Module Description
1Learning Basic OS X Tasks: Using the mouse; Mac Computer Components and Connections; Logging in; Menu Bars; The Desktop; The Dock (Mac Basics)
Browsing the Web: Intro to Safari (Safari Overview), Window Basics (Apple Support Page), Creating a Folder
3More OS X Tasks: Organizing files on your Mac, Text Edit, Saving Files, Searching using Spotlight, About My Mac
4Communicating Via Email: Adding email accounts, Sending an email message, Customizing the Mail app, Attachments, etc.
5Tracking Contacts and Events: Adding and Editing contacts and Events using the Contacts and Calendar apps.
6Viewing and Editing Photos and Videos
7Customizing OS X
8Maintaining OS X

Evaluation Procedures:

Evaluation will be based on class participation and involvement in class discussions.