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Table — Products

The following is a list of some of the popular Smart Home products and manufacturers. This is only a small sample of some of the products you can purchase to add to your home. Please note that information contained on this page relatively current and to the best of my knowledge accurate. However, information may change and products may change or be discontinued so please use the links provided below to research currents products and compatibility.

  Apps   Voice     Hub
Company Product iOS  Android Siri Alexa Google Required
Phillips Hue Y  Y Y Y Y Y
Lifx  Bulbs Y Y Y Y Y N
Eufy Lumos Y Y Y Y Y N
Switches & Plugs              
Ecobee Switch+ Y Y Y Y Y N
iHome Plugs Y Y Y Y Y N
Wemo VarietyYYYYYN
Nest LearningThermostat Y Y N Y Y N
Ecobee Ecobee4 Y Y Y Y Y N
 August VarietyYYYYYY
Apple HomeKit Y N Y N N NA
Insteon Variety Y Y Y Y Y Y
Iris Variety Y Y N Y N Y
Nest Variety Y Y N Y Y N
Samsung SmartThings Y Y N Y Y Y
 GoogleGoogle HomeYYNNYY
Security Systems       
SimpliSafeVariety YYNNNY