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16 Hour Computer Basics Outline (8 2-Hour Classes)

Recommended Text:  Teach Yourself Visually Windows 10
         Paul McFedries
        ISBN-13: 978-1119311188
Module 1
    Overview of MS Win 10
Booting and Sign in to User Account
Desk Top Overview
Task Bar Basics (Start Menu, Apps, Notifications Area)
Start Menu Basics
Pinning Apps to Task Bar and Start Menu
File Explorer Window and navigating to folders
Documents Folder
Shut Down vs Sleep vs Restart, Log Out, and Lock
    Using the Mouse
Left Click vs Right Click
Scroll wheel
Cursors (Normal, Hand, I Bar)

Module 2
    Opening and Closing Apps
Controlling App Windows (position, resize windows, Maximize/Restore Down, Close, 1/2 screen shortcut)
Minimizing Apps vs Closing — Benefits
    Web Browsing with IE and Firefox
Basic Controls
Search and Address Bar
Search Engines vs Web Browsers
Search Basics
Saving and image
Downloading files

Module 3
    File Folders and Filing Structure
File Explorer Window In Depth
Creating and using a filing structure
Creating Folders
Renaming folders and files
Moving Folders and Files

Module 4
    Intro to MS Word
Office 365 vs Online
Creating a new document (blank and templates)
Saving a document (When created and during editing)
Save As vs Save
Basic Text Formatting
Basic Paragraph Formatting

Module 5
    Email Fundamentals
MS Outlook Overview
Mailboxes (Inbox, Sent, Archive)
Sending a new email (To, CC, BCC)
Sending mail to “All Users” vs “All Users Hendersonville”, etc.
Reply vs Reply All
Attaching Documents and photos
Calendar features

Module 6
    Printing Documents
Printing a document or webpage
Printer Dialog Box and Options
Printer Preferences
Default Printer
PDF documents
Print to PDF
Module 7
    Open Questions/Answers