Course Content

    • Personal Safety Equipment
    • A Safe Bike — the less you have to worry about the bike during the ride the better time you will have. Trust me!
    • Hydration, Nutrition, and Health
    • Wildlife and Plant Life
    • Trail Safety
    Basic Bike Maintenance
    • Maintaining your bike
    • Basic shop tools
    • Tools for the Trail (bike stuff you need to take with you on a ride)
    • Basic Trailside Bike Maintenance
    Operating a Bike Safely and Efficiently
    • Ride within you ability! Push yourself to increase your skills but don’t go so far past your abilities that you become dangerous to yourself or others.
    • Shifting Gears
    • Basic Shifter Operation
    • Front Derailleur (lefthand shifter) — Lever vs Twist, harder/easier pedaling. Upshift/Downshift.
    • Rear Derailleur (righthand shifter)— Lever vs Twist, harder/easier pedaling. Upshift/Downshift.
    • Shift BEFORE you reach that hill!
    • Avoid Shifting While applying power to the pedals! i.e. going up hill or during hard accelerations.
    • Braking Smoothly and Safely
    • Left Lever = Front Brake
    • Right Lever = Rear Brake
    • Body/Bike Position (Bike Fit)
    • Seat Height
    • Seat Fore/Aft Position
    • Bar Height & Reach 
    • Brake and Shifter Lever Positions (wrist angle)
    • Clipless cleat position
    • Flat Pedal foot position
    Riding Technique
    • Braking
    • Shifting
    • Body Position
    • Cornering
    • Obstacles
    • Drops
    • Water Crossings
    • Bridges

    Trail Concerns and Etiquette
    • Environmental impact — Leave No Trace. Pack it in, pack it out.
    • Shared usage trails — hikers, horses, other riders, etc.
    • Right of way triangle
    • Restricted Trails!
    • Private & public land
    • Bikers get a bad rep! Be nice, obey the rules, say hello!
    • Maps

Types of Mountain Bikes

    • Full Suspension
    • Hard Tail
    • Rigid
    • Basic Bike Geometry

Bike Gadgets and Electronics

    • Lights
    • GPS
    • Phones
    • Satellite Trackers

End of Course Trail Ride

  • You’re invited! Come join us for a ride in Dupont State Recreational Forest to try out your new MTB skills!