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Mountain Biking for Beginners

Learn and practice basic mountain biking skills regardless of your age or fitness level. Learn the basic skills needed to safely ride gravel and single-track mountain trails, how and when to shift gears, braking techniques, navigating trail obstacles, proper body position, climbing and descending hills, proper trail etiquette and how to repair a flat while out on the trails. Classes will be a combination of classroom and on-bike instruction. Bring your bike to class.

Text: Master Mountain Bike Skills by Brian Lopes and Lee McCormack
ISBN-13: 978-0-7360-8371-3
ISBN-10: 0-7360-8371-5

Special Note: Prior to your first class please have your mountain bike professionally serviced to insure it is safe and in proper working condition!

Stuff to bring to every class:

  • Bike
  • Helmet!!!! No helmet, no riding!
  • Eye Protection
  • Tools — compact pump, tire levers, multi tool
  • Spare tube — specific to your bikes tire diameter and width
  • Water!!! (recommend 2 water bottles) bottle cages on bikes suggested
  • Appropriate Biking Attire (Shirt, Shorts, Shoes, Socks)
  • A sense of adventure
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