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The following syllabus will be the basic topics we will cover and when. As we progress through the class we may expand on topics we wish to explore further and simplify other topics as we move along.

The text for this class will be"BetterPhoto BASICS" ISBN 978-0-8174-0502-1

 Session  Date  Description Chapter
 1 6/4 Introduction and Course Overview
 2 6/6 Exposure and Camera Modes Explained 5 & 1
 3 6/11 Connecting your Camera and Transferring Photos to the Computer, Intro To Focal Length and Lens Selection
 4 6/13 Focal Length and Lens Selection, continued
5 & 3
 5 6/18 Assignment # 1 Review, Composition Basics
 6 6/20 Composition Basics, continued
2 & 3
 7 6/25 Assignment #2 Review, Mastering The Light
4, 3 & 2
 8 6/27 Advanced Creative Techniques
  7/2 No Class
  7/4 No Class
 9 7/9 Assignment #3 Review,Action Photography
2 & 6
7/11 Easy Fixes You Can Do On Your Computer 7
 11 7/16 Assignment#4 Review, Special Topics — HDR and Panoramas
 12  18 Final Portfolio Review


During this course we will have weekly assignments to experiment and and gain experience with the topics covered in class. Please be ready to venture out on campus to make some photographs by having your camera and some comfortable walking shoes. You will also want to insure your camera battery is charged and that you have room on your camera's disk for the photos we'll take during class. The class period following

Assignment #
 Assignment Description
Take some photos to demonstrate the effects the various camera settings have on your photographs
2Take some photographs to demonstrate the effects of focal length and Depth of Field
Take some photographs to demonstrate the effects composition and Point of View
4Edit some photographs to demonstrate how editing your photographs is used to improve them
Final Portfolio—Create a body of work to present in class that covers a particular genre or style of photography you are interested in