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iPhone/iPad 250

Business Solutions

Harness the power of Apple iOS for your everyday business needs. Once you've learned the basics of your iPhone or iPad it's time to put those skills to use in organizing, simplifying, and being more productive in your business. In this course you will learn how to manage your time more efficiently, get more accomplished away from the office, manage your mail, documents, photos, and other resources you need everyday. Find solutions for accepting payments from your iPad or iPhone to let your customers pay with credit cards or other digital payment systems. A significant portion of the course will be devoted to discovering alternatives to the Apple Apps and answering real-life questions and finding solutions for your individual needs. Text: online Apple User Guide and other online resources. Prerequisite: either iPhone 101 or iPad 101, or equivalent experience.

Text: Apple iPhone User Guide iOS 11 or Apple iPad User Guide iOS 11

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